Embroidered Mother of the Groom Hoodies

Looking for a unique wedding memento for the groom’s mother? These Mother of the Groom embroidered sweatshirt hoodies are great gifts for the groom’s mom. Super cosy and warm, Mother of the Groom embroidered hoodie and apparel gifts are an all season keepsake she’ll enjoy for a long time.

For National Pink Day Think Pink Favors for the Bride

Whether you’re getting married on June 23 or you just happen to be having a pink themed wedding, National Pink Day is an inspiration for everything pink wedding related.  Pink weddings are very popular. Pink is also a popular color for bridal showers and bachelorette parties. Here are some pretty in pink bridal favor ideas for her big day.

pink bridal compact mirror
Pink Bridal Compact Mirror – Beautifully crafted stainless steel and decorative bride wedding compact.

pink bride flip flops
Pink Bride Flip Flops – waterproof thong flip flops are perfect for her honeymoon, or wedding planning errands.

pink bridal necklace
Pink Bride Necklace – classic silver necklace with the words bride in pink letters.

14 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Colors

wedding colorsWith a huge spectrum of colors to choose from, how should you choose the perfect ones for your wedding? By following these tips, your wedding color combinations will reflect your style and personality. Don’t get overwhelmed by the large variety of colors on the wheel, the way to have a wonderful wedding color combination is to understand the connection between two colors. Below you will find some tips from Digby & Rose in Washington DC about choosing your wedding colors. Pick your favorite shade and go from there, you don’t need a wedding color planner or an art school degree.

1. Start With the Wedding Venue

Factor in the wedding venue when picking your color scheme. For example, if you are getting married at a beach setting, a good color choice is blue. Blue is a great hue that compliments many other colors, such as greens or yellows. But some sites can be tricky to match. If you’re getting married at a country club that is decorated with Victorian colors, such as maroon, you obviously should not pick pink, as it would clash terribly.

Blue Themed Bridesmaids Gifts

2. Seasonal Inspiration

Seasonal weddings are the easiest to work with when it comes to colors. They say Mother Nature is always right, so take inspiration from the outside surroundings of the particular season. For spring and summer affairs, pinks and pastels are always in fashion but will look washed out during the winter or fall seasons.

3. Research Your Colors

Scour sources for different color combos that are pleasing to you. You can do this online and in magazines‚ interior design and fashion mags always have the most up-to-date trends in colors and all the latest must-have wedding color schemes.

4. Get Swatches

You can visit a local fabric store or paint shop to gather color swatches that you are considering using as your wedding colors. This is a great aid for brides, and it will help chose your specific shade of color, whether it’s baby blue, royal blue or navy.

5. Pick a Dominant Shade

First, begin with one color, for example, kelly green, and then pick colors around that shade that will compliment and accent your dominant color.

6. Take Advantage of Paint Websites

Visit online sites of paint providers such as Sherwin-Wiliams, Glidden, Benjamin Moore and Behr for interactive color wheels. Here, you can virtually “paint” a room with any color of the rainbow, so take advantage of this free service to see how your color scheme will come together at your wedding.

7. Set a Mood

What do you want the mood to be for your day ‚ romantic? Celebratory? Regal, peaceful or high-energy? Figure this out, and your color scheme can fall easily into place. For example, a summer wedding can use a chocolate-brown paired with a sunflower yellow for a country house feel, and just adding gold accents to the combination can set a regal mood.

8. Put It On Paper

For your wedding stationary, search for hues that express your flair and show off your style. Make sure they match with the reception’s color theme.

9. Switch It Up

If for some reason, you just cannot decide on color scheme, you can get around this if your reception venue has multiple rooms. Each can have its own color palette, but don’t get too carried away, choose different shades of on color so it doesn’t look like a rainbow exploded.

10. Flower Notes

Research the different types of flowers you like, as these are the most obvious, and prettiest, way to add gorgeous color to your wedding. But beware‚ if your color scheme is different shades of blue, your flower choices are going to be severely limited.

11. Linens

For your tables, look in wedding magazines and party rental catalogs or websites for the colors they offer for table cloths, napkins and overlays. Figure out a china pattern, table accessories and table cards that will accentuate your color scheme but not overwhelm it!

12. Light Bright

Make sure your wedding venue has adequate lighting available. On the night of the event, you don’t want to find out that the lights are too dim and no one can see the color scheme, tables or each other! Talk to the venue or designer about different lighting colors you can use to highlight floral centerpieces and soften the room.

13. Drive Home Color

There is something to be said about the simple elegance of repeating color, from the doorway trimmings to the floral centerpieces, to the table cloths and linens, decorate all these things with a simple ribbon accent in your signature color to give your wedding that extra something rather than a huge, gaudy display in one color.

14. Consider Every Element

Last, but certainly not least, consider every factor when deciding on your final color scheme. This includes considering whether certain colors will look flattering on your bridesmaids, as they are an important accessory to your wedding. Not everyone can pull off certain colors, so choose wisely.

Couple to Wed at Westminster Dog Show Valentines Day 2012

Valentines Day, February 14, is a very popular date for brides and grooms to tie the knot.

What could be more romantic and meaningful, after all, than getting married on the ultimate day of love, Valentine’s Day!

For one couple, Debbie Parsons and Brad Slayton, who happen to have their dog (a tibetan mastiff) entered in the infamous Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, they are taking their Valentines day nuptials to the next level.

Not only is this dog-loving couple getting hitched on Valentines Day, but they are tying the knot right after their dog, Major, competes. The ceremony will take place in the benching area at the Westminster Dog Show at Madison Square Garden in New York City on the eve of February 14th.

Now that’s a dog gone wedding ceremony you can shake a stick at! The bride will wear a pink Vera Wang dress. No word yet on what kinds of dog themed favors or food might be involved post wedding ceremony, but for dog lovers everywhere there is no shortage of ways to incorporate your pooch or pet into the planning and theme of your wedding day.

This wedding gets filed under several wedding categories: NYC weddings, dog themed weddings, holiday weddings, Valentine’s Day weddings, unusual weddings. Debbie and Brad have incorporated multiple themes into what will no doubt be a bow-u-tiful wedding!

Unity Candles – Meaning and Symbolism

Personalized Deluxe Unity Candle SetUnity candles are a recent addition to many American weddings. They can be used for a variety of purposes, but they always emphasize the merging together of individualism into a new unit. If you have considered using a unity candle in your own wedding, learn about the symbolism and the potential uses for the candle before you incorporate it into your wedding.

About Unity Candles

Unity candles typically consist of two taper candles and one large pillar candle. Each taper candle is lit and then two different people or groups of people light the large pillar candle with the lit taper candle. The candles are usually placed on a stand that consist of the center area that is meant for the pillar candle and the ends are for the placement of the taper candles. Individual candle holders can also be used for each candle. Unity candles are not associated with any particular religion, although they are commonly used in Christian wedding ceremonies.

History of the Unity Candle

The history of the unity candle is unclear. It is believed that the unity candle only began to be incorporated into weddings within the last century, possibly around the 1930s. One of the first reported incidents of the use of a wedding involved an interfaith couple in New York.

Unity Candle Uses

The uses of a unity candle are numerous. Some of the most common uses of the unity candle are listed below.

Unity of the Bride and Groom

In one form of a unity candle ceremony, the bride lights her taper candle and the groom lights his own taper candle. The couple then place their taper candle over the wick of the large pillar candle in the middle. This ceremony is meant to symbolize the individuals coming together into one unit. In the biblical sense, the ceremony represents the bride and groom becoming one new unified body. In more modern terms, the ceremony represents the two individuals who are forming a new identity as a couple. The marriage is now more important than individual desires.

Unity of Different Religions

In a similar ceremony, the bride and groom light their taper candles and then light the center candle together. If the bride is one religion and the groom is another, the ceremony unites the two religions together. The couple agree to stay unified in spite of their religious differences. They may also be symbolizing their intention to raise children with both faiths. An alternative to this ceremony is for a member of the bride and groom’s families to light the individual taper candles.

Unity of Families

In another type of unity ceremony, a member of the bride and groom’s families light the taper candle. This honor is often bestowed upon the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom. The mothers light the candles before the wedding ceremony begins. When the unity candle ceremony is undertaken, the bride and groom each place the taper candle that represents their family in their hand. When they light the center candle, they are symbolizing the joining of the two separate families into one new, unified family.

Unity of Blended Families

Another meaning for the unity candle is the blending of two families. For example, if the bride and the groom have children from previous marriages or relationships, the unity candle ceremony may be used to symbolize the unity of the two families into one family. In this ceremony the bride and the groom help their respective children light the middle candle. The family is now joined into one.

Personalizing Options

There are several ways to personalize a wedding unity candle ceremony for your own wedding. You can say a separate prayer, commitment or poem about unity and merging two into one before lighting the candles. You can also add your monogram, ribbon in your wedding color or part of your wedding invitation to the pillar candle to personalize it. There are many personalized unity candle selections online to choose from.

In Lieu of a Unity Candle

Several other traditions symbolize unity during weddings. A sand ceremony, hand fasting, blending colored water or wine or the lasso in the infinity symbol are all methods to symbolize unity.

A wedding unity candle ceremony can be a beautiful addition to any wedding. It symbolizes the unity between a bride and groom, as well as other family members, and adds to the beauty and significance of the event.

NYC Bright Lights Big Proposal on Side of Building

The big book of coolest and craziest wedding proposals ever just got another entry. Granted this video was posted nearly a year ago February, but msn brought it to life by featuring it on the home page yesterday.

It was just another walk down the streets of New York City on a cool autumn night for a sweet, young couple.

Just another walk until the guy asks to borrow the girls cell phone and he dials a number then hands her back the phone and tells her to say ‘hi’.  She does and they hang up. The guy then tells the girl to look at the tall Union Bank building across the street. And in minutes the words, “Lisa will you marry me?” light up the night.

Lisa is speechless and shocked as the poor groom-to-be keeps coaxing her to say yes, going, “Baby will you be my wife? yes? yes? Lisa, yes?” (and yes, she said yes.)

The only casualty in this big city marriage proposal was the bag of Popchips the bride-to-be was carrying that fell to an untimely spill on the sidewalk.  Watch how this unique wedding proposal went down:

Bride Cosmetic Cases

Bride Cosmetic Bag

Bride Cosmetic Bag

Introducing our cool bridal travel cases, a fun new wedding favor for brides and bachelorettes.

These microfiber cosmetic bags will hold her make up, lipstick, tweezers, travel toothbrush and other toiletries as she travels to her wedding destination or on her honeymoon. The bride-to-be can toss these toiletry cases inside her handbag so she always has extra necessities on hand.

Whether she is spending her pre wedding night at a hotel or going away for a romantic honeymoon, these keepsake bride wedding cases, which measure 10″ W x 5.5″ H x 4.5″ D, are a great wedding gift for bachelorette parties, bridal showers or engagement gatherings.

Like this bride cosmetic bag with a pretty white daisy flower – $41.95
bride travel case

or this bride toiletry bag with colorful flowers – $41.95
bride toiletry bag

or this purple colored wedding bells bridal cosmetic case – $41.95
bride cosmetic case

The Pros Bridal Showcase in NYC

Going to bridal and wedding expos is a great way for brides and grooms to learn about wedding professionals and ultimately narrow down what they like and don’t like. You have the chance to see photos, taste wedding cakes and hear wedding music.

Last night I attended a wedding showcase in New York City hosted by The Pros. The Pros specialize in wedding photographers, videographers and wedding disc jockeys. You can book one or all three of these services among the various packages they offer. Unlike the much larger bridal expos that feature hundreds of vendors and an overwhelming amount of information, this event was smaller and more focused.

Brides and Grooms enjoyed wine and cheese while they were able to speak with wedding photographers and videographers, view their work and get to know them.

Bridal Showcase by The Pros

There was a lively presentation by the wedding disc jockeys who work with The Pros, which was a terrific way to get a flavor for each DJ’s style and personality in addition to getting you in the spirit of your own wedding planning. They even got everyone up and dancing with the future brides doing the electric slide and then grooms-to-be showed off their spelling skills with the wedding favorite, YMCA.

The Pros were voted The Knot’s 2011 Best of Weddings. Whether you’re getting married in New York City or any of the other cities they’re in, you can check to see if they have a showcase near you. Oh, and there are door prizes too.

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How to Maximize Your Wedding Budget

Unless you’re a Kardashian, you probably don’t have several million dollars to spend on your wedding day. Fortunately, the wedding of your dreams doesn’t have to end up with the bill of your nightmares. You can still have a breathtaking and memorable day regardless by following a few simple rules to maximize your wedding budget. Although everyone has their own priorities for scrimping and splurging on various aspects involved in the wedding, the following breakdown will give couples a great guide for allotting the wedding funds in the most effective and budget-friendly manner possible.

Reception- 50%

Receptions are the biggest money hog of the wedding because they are usually the highlight of the entire event. To reduce the cost as much as possible, choose a date in an off-season where there will be less competition and limit the guest list as much as possible. Be sure to shop around for the best prices as well.

Ceremony- 2%

Surprisingly, the ceremony itself is going to be one of the least of your financial worries for the entire event. This is because most wedding ceremonies take place in a church or in a public venue (such as the beach, park) where the costs are significantly lower than renting out a private venue.

Apparel- 10%

The cost of apparel would include the bride’s dress, groom’s tux, and formal wear for all of the people involved in the ceremony. To really cut down costs, the bride could borrow a family dress for a sentimental touch to the wedding apparel that’s budget-friendly as well. As a general rule, you will want to order all formal wear from one place to qualify for bulk discounts.

Entertainment- 10%

A good portion of the entertainment costs will come from hiring a DJ to play music at the reception. However, couples can choose other forms of entertainment as well, from live music performers to professional dancers. Although live performances can be fun, DJs are usually the cheapest way to go about it. To cut costs, choose a DJ that is closest to the area of the of the reception.

Invitations- 2%

Wedding invitations may seem simple enough, but when you multiply it by all the guests you intend on inviting, it can end up getting pretty expensive. If you’re an extra creative person, you can probably get by making the invitations all by yourself with the help of a few other creative friends. Spend a day at a craft store and make a few designs to personalize the look and save yourself some money.

Photography- 12%

Photography and videography costs a bit more than most bride and grooms anticipate, but the cost is well worth the lifetime of preserved memories and captured moments from the big event. Although it may be tempting just to make due with mom’s digital camera photos, you won’t get the same lasting enjoyment as you would from hiring a professional photographer to capture the moments in high quality at your wedding. Prints are also included in the cost, so you can give out copies to the family and hang a few in your new home.

Flowers- 8%

Eight percent seems like a lot just for flowers, but they really do make a big difference to the overall mood of your wedding. The cost of flowers accounts for both bouquets and decorations, so it’s a pretty reasonable cost when considered in those terms. To cut costs, consider the time of year with the flowers you prefer to determine how easy they will be to acquire– this has a tremendous effect on cost. Also, incorporate more greenery into the arrangements since these are much cheaper than the flowers themselves.

Rings- 2%

In terms of percentages, the wedding rings should only amount to approximately 2% of the overall wedding cost. This may seem like a small amount, but nice rings really aren’t as expensive as they’re made out to be. Many couples just choose to have bands without a gem in the center to cut down costs. Remember: you don’t have to go to Tiffany’s to find a gorgeous ring.

Transportation and Parking- 2%

This category will apply for couples who prefer to rent a limousine or other luxury vehicle for the event. Although it may seem lavish, the price for renting these vehicles is fairly reasonable and is certainly worth splurging on for your special day. Parking may also be a factor for a long list of guests, but will most likely included in the venue price.

Gifts- 2%

You want to leave your guests with nice wedding gifts to commemorate to occasion. Most couples choose gifts in the form of picture frames or little gift bags with miscellaneous items. Gifts are typically inexpensive and they let your guests know that you appreciate their attendance– and the gifts they got you as well.

About the Author

Marty Rosenthal is a freelance writer / event specialist who plans and writes about weddings in the Philippines.

Holly Durst and Blake Julian Engaged

ABC’s Bachelor Pad 2 contestants Holly Durst and Blake Julian are engaged. The news came as a shock to most during the season finale of the show last night. No one was more surprised than Holly’s ex-fiance Michael Stagliano who was paired with Durst for the purposes of competing on the show.

Blake proposed to Holly with a Neil Lane engagement ring. Neil Lane is the engagement ring go-to guy of the Bachelor and Bachelorette shows. Holly’s Neil Lane platinum vintage style ring has a cushion cut diamond surrounded by 162 round diamonds equating to 3 carats. Blake got down on one knee and proposed to Holly and she immediately said, “yes.”

Blake says they’re shooting for an early spring, early summer wedding.