NYC Bright Lights Big Proposal on Side of Building

The big book of coolest and craziest wedding proposals ever just got another entry. Granted this video was posted nearly a year ago February, but msn brought it to life by featuring it on the home page yesterday.

It was just another walk down the streets of New York City on a cool autumn night for a sweet, young couple.

Just another walk until the guy asks to borrow the girls cell phone and he dials a number then hands her back the phone and tells her to say ‘hi’.  She does and they hang up. The guy then tells the girl to look at the tall Union Bank building across the street. And in minutes the words, “Lisa will you marry me?” light up the night.

Lisa is speechless and shocked as the poor groom-to-be keeps coaxing her to say yes, going, “Baby will you be my wife? yes? yes? Lisa, yes?” (and yes, she said yes.)

The only casualty in this big city marriage proposal was the bag of Popchips the bride-to-be was carrying that fell to an untimely spill on the sidewalk.  Watch how this unique wedding proposal went down: