Finally Engaged – Now What Do I Do?

Congratulations! You’ve gotten engaged and you’re both very excited! After all the celebrating dies down, you will be setting a date to tie the knot and buying those unique wedding favors in no time. At that point, you have two adventures in your future: getting married with beginning your new life together and planning your wedding day. The first will put a smile on your face, while thinking of the second can be a bit overwhelming. If you put your thoughts down on paper and chart what you have to accomplish very methodically, you’ll have an easy go. To help you along, adhere to the following and the beginning of your task will be done.

Finally the Bride Ceramic Travel Mug

Finally the Bride Ceramic Travel Mug

Finally the Bride Notebook Journal

Finally the Bride Notebook Journal

Finally the Bride Ornament (Round)

Finally the Bride Ornament (Round)

Most important – set your wedding date. And this is not as easy as it sounds. You’ll want to consider times of year, seasons, especially if you want to give out fall wedding favors, vacation time allotment at your places of employment, etc. After you find the perfect day, find two more backup dates in case you cannot secure the reception venue you love at that specific time.

Next, purchase two journals. One is to keep you organized, allowing you to write down phone numbers, email addresses etc. of people you speak to regarding all of your needs. The second journal is for you personally. There will be moments that you will want to remember or times where you just need to vent and write down your thoughts. These two journals are priceless, as well as very enjoyable to look back at many years down the road.

Now is the time to announce your engagement. This can be done by having an engagement party, sending out personal announcements or taking out an ad in print publications. Also, making a website to announce your engagement is becoming very popular.

Once you have the above accomplished, you can breathe a sigh of relief; but only for a moment. Now is where you have to get very realistic. The wedding budget is next on our list. At this point, you probably know already if either set of parents are paying for, or helping financially with your wedding. This will determine what kind of a wedding you will plan. Set your budget at least $1,000 less than you can afford. Every wedding exceeds their financial resources and it will bode well when that day comes if you planned for it.

At this time, you should choose your attendants. Most wedding have between 2 and 12, but it is entirely up to you both as to large a bridal party you’d like. Remember, attendants do much more than walk down the aisle and look pretty. They will help with bridal shower planning, buy the bridal shower favors, throw the bachelor party, help with nonsensical responsibilities and help keep you both sane. Give this much thought, because once you ask, you cannot take back your invitation for them to be a part.

Probably the most important thing to do regarding planning the beginnings of your wedding day, is finding the perfect venue for the ceremony and reception. Many are booked even more than a year in advance, so have several in mind, always remembering that recommendations from family and friends are very important.

Lastly, if your budget allows it, consider a wedding planner. They do everything from finding you the perfect venue (and usually at a reduced cost) to making sure she has an emergency sewing kit on your big day. Even if you can’t afford a professional planner, get support in this area from family and friends. They truly can help this very stressful wedding planning time actually be enjoyable.

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