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Wedding Colors Bridesmaids Collection T-shirts, Favors and Gifts

Our Bridesmaids Colors Collection reflects a bright monochrome color wedding palette of bridesmaids in two-tone strappy bridesmaid dresses with matching floral bouquets. Find the color to match your bridal party color palette. Also select from individual bridesmaid designs reflecting blonde, brunette, redhead and ethnic women in your weding party. Wedding gifts from Bride to her Bridesmaids, these specialty bridesmaids gifts are pefect for bridal showers, bridesmaids events, bridal luncheons and bachelorette parties!

gifts for bridesmaids with green wedding theme

Bridesmaids Line Up - Green Wedding Party Gifts

Perfect bridesmaids gifts for green color themed weddings.

bridesmaids gifts with blue dresses for blue themed weddings

Bridesmaids Line Up - Blue Bridal Party Gifts

Perfect bridesmaids gifts for blue color themed weddings.

pink colored bridesmaids gifts for pink weddings

Bridesmaids Line Up - Pink Wedding Party Gifts

Perfect bridesmaids gifts for pink color themed weddings.

peach colored bridesmaids gifts and favors

Bridesmaids Line Up - Peach Bridal Party Gifts

Perfect bridesmaids gifts for peach color themed weddings.

For purple themed weddings these Bridesmaids Gifts are purple perfect.

bridesmaid gifts red theme

For red themed weddings these Bridesmaid Favors are ready in red.