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Bride T-shirts, Groom T-shirts, Wedding Party T-shirts, Tote Bags, Customized Wedding Gifts and Personalized Wedding Favors

We have Bride T-shirts and Groom T-shirts. Our Wedding Party T-shirts will outfit everyone involved in your wedding day. Find unique customized wedding gifts and favors for wedding party, wedding guests and the bride and the groom! Shop Bachelor Party T-shirts and Bachelorette Party T-shirts are celebration tees and memorable souvenirs.

bride gifts groom gifts something blue for the bride

Don't forget all the other wedding details like bridal veils, bridal shoes and wedding rings for your big day

bridal veils
bridal shoes
wedding rings

Tell everyone to save the date in style with our unique wedding save the date magnets and cards. Seal your wedding invitations up with decorative wedding stamps too. Find great wedding party gifts,keepsakes and wedding attendant t-shirts. Team Bride shirts and Team Groom T-shirts. Wedding Party hats, baseball caps, buttons, magnets and novelties!

groomsman gifts

Groomsmen T-shirts and Gifts
Shop Groomsmen gifts like Groomsman t-shirts, groomsman golf shirts, groomsman sweatshirts, wedding favors for groomsmen attendants of the groom on his big day.
bachelor party t shirts

Bachelor Party T-shirtsand Favors
Bachelor party t-shirts and personalized bachelor party favors and gifts. Bachelor party buttons, magnets and baseball caps.
bachelorette party t-shirts

Bachelorette Party T-shirts and Favors
Bachelorette party t-shirts,supplies and personalized bachelorette party gifts. Bachelorette party favors, hats and party wear.
maid of honor gift ideas

Maid of Honor T shirts and Gifts
Maid of Honor T-shirts, Tote Bags, Buttons and Hoodies. Wedding party gifts for the maid of honor.
best man gifts

Best Man T shirts & Gifts
Best Man t-shirts and wedding party gifts for the groom's attendants. Best man casual wear.
matron of honor gifts

Matron of Honor T shirts and Gifts
Matron of honor t-shirts, tote bags, casual wear and Matron of Honor keepsake Gifts for the Matron of Honor in your wedding party.


bridesmaid gifts

Bridesmaids T shirts and Favors
Bridesmaid gifts and t-shirts for the bride's wedding attendants. Customized bridesmaids t-shirts, favors, tote bags and keepsake boxes.


ring bearer gifts

Ring Bearer T Shirts and Gifts
Ringbearer pillows and ring boxes. Ring bearer T-shirts, sweatshirts and tote bags. Fun wedding party gifts for the groom's youngest attendants.


jr. bridesmaid gifts

Jr. Bridesmaid Tee shirts & Gifts
Junior Bridesmaids T-shirts and gifts for jr bridesmaids. Bridal party sweatshirts and Junior Bridesmaids keepsake favors for young attendants.


flower girl gifts

Flower Girl Tees and Gifts
Flower Girl T-shirts and wedding party gifts for bride's flower girls. Flower girl baby clothes, toddler tees, kids apparel.


mother of the bride gifts

Mother of the Bride Gifts & T-shirts
Mother of the Bride gifts. Wedding favors for the Bride's Mom. Mom of the Bride t-shirts, keepsakes and personalized gifts for the Bride's mother.


mother of the groom gifts

Mother of the Groom Gifts
Mother of the Groom gifts. Wedding favors for the Groom's Mom. Mom of the Groom t-shirts, keepsakes and personalized gifts for the Groom's mother.


Team Bride T-shirts & Team Groom T-shirts

Team Bride T-shirts and Team Groom T-shirts
Team Bride Shirts, Team Bride Magnets and Favors for everyone on the Bride's side.


Father of the Groom Tshirts, Gifts

Father of the Groom Gifts
Father of the Groom gifts. Wedding favors for the Groom's Dad. Father of the Groom t-shirts, keepsakes and personalized gifts for the Groom's father.


Father of the Bride T-shirts, Gifts

Father of the Bride T-shirts, Gifts
Father of the Bride gifts. Wedding favors for the Bride's Dad. Father of the Bride t-shirts, keepsakes and personalized gifts for the Bride's father.

customizable wedding t-shirtscustom destination wedding gifts

Lesruba Weddings presents "Collections". Shop our Grecian Bridal Gift Collection of Bride Gifts, Favors and T-shirts! And our Bridesmaids Theme Color sGifts of Bridesmaid Gifts, Favors and T-shirts! Lots of colors, new wedding favors and keepsakes for your big day!

In addition to customized wedding t-shirts, we offer wedding sweatshirts, bride sweatsuits and bridal hoodies. Fun casual wedding wear for the bride and groom to be. Comfy lounging apparel for the Mother of the Bride and the Mother of the Groom. Funny humor Father of the Bride and Father of the Groom Shirts that will make them laugh.


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